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September 26, 2016



It is really tricky to do this well. I think most of what you have written is great.

The main thing that strikes me as not quite right is saying that the processor is like a brain. Partly because a human brain has memory too, so that could get confusing. Also because I'm not sure whether saying it is like a brain helps get to the point of what a processor does. It acts on items in memory according to the given instructions.

Perhaps it is more like a worker in a warehouse, picking up items and moving them to new locations, unpacking and combining them according to the instructions it is given. That metaphor has its own limitations and may not be suitable for this audience. There might be something better and simpler but that is all that I can come up with right now!

Judy Robertson

Thanks, Tim! I removed mention of the brain - it is a misleading analogy.

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