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July 06, 2010



For a singleton, a sling is a good option. You can get ones that snuggle the baby in tight when you want her/him to sleep (great for Dads to wear while Mums are sleeping). There are also breastfeeding ones available. I didn't have much success feeding in a sling, as my two where both too used to being fed together, rugby ball style:


An EZ-2 Nurse twins breastfeeding cushion allows some extra freedom, as the cushion is holding the baby/ies so long as you are relatively stable (sitting on a bed or sofa), and allows you to use a laptop without frying any little craniums:


Hopefully your suggested design changes will happen, but in the meantime, the above may be useful.

Nursing tank

Great post!I love the topic,"Interface Design for New Mothers"...soo enlightening.


Typing while bottle feeding: nope, I didn't manage. I needed one arm/hand to hold the baby, and the other to hold (and wiggle) the bottle. That was with a cushion for support.

test automation

I would certainly agree that in "getting the design right for this demographic group will probably benefit users in general". A very supportive information that has concern for each family. Thanks for the post.

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