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July 20, 2009



Ah, buggrit. You're excellent, amazing, creative, with fascinating research, and your brilliance shall be recognised.

So there. :-)


Here, here...I'd be interested to find out what the gender balance of the interviewing panel was...


Of course I mean

Hear, hear...

Its been a long year.

Judy Robertson

Thanks, Nicole. Funny you should say that, Heather: three middle aged men on the interview panel. All scientists or engineers, despite the fact they could presumably have got a "softer than soft" person from languages or psychology on the panel if they were worried about it. I must say I did wonder if they would have asked the same question of my male colleague who does the same thing.


Hmmm, depending on how things pan out you might have a good case for appeal. It was an eye opener for me here when my (female) boss insisted that I found some male collegues to join an interview panel to ensure it was balanced when we were hiring. It made me realise that all the interviews I had at HW were all male panels...

But hopefully they will see sense and you won't need to appeal :)

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