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May 19, 2009


Antonis Mystakidis

Wow that is so great Judy. The first conference on computational creativity. That certainly brings back memories...

We haven't talked for a while so I hope you still remember me (creative ideas treasure chest MSC student of yours).

Are you going to the conference? I am sure you will have a lot to offer based on all your research!

Very glad to hear that an academic conference is now going to craddle creativity among other areas. It must be pretty inspiring for you as well.

Lots of good things are to come from that I am sure. Let's see in the future...


Of course I remember you! :-) Your report has been required reading for other of my project students as a shining example. I had a student make fridge magnets for brain storming on the iPhone. I hope you are enjoying your job and still finding time to be creative.

Antonis Mystakidis

Oh! I am more than honored! :)
My work is travelling me all around the world. I have been to the US a few times so far and will find myself in England probably during August. I was planning to visit Edinburgh when that happens and will try to see you if you can make it (even though I wish you are on holidays... it would be better for you :) )

I have taken up cartoon classes. I realized that I love cartoons and I am also in the process of making one my own. Long and tedious process but SOOO fun. I am always trying to be creative after what I learned next to you!

Wish you the best in all you do and I hope to talk to you soon again.

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