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December 03, 2008



"I suspect there is a feeling among students that Second Life is sad." This isn't helped by the fact that I have received flack for having to use Second Life, from other students and non-students who know what my course entails.

While it's sad that SL seems to have attracted such a negative stereotype I am actually coming to think that it's doing suprisingly well for such a large scale project driven by user created content, that isn't filtered.

I'd be very interested in reading this students criticism report, I suspect that it would mirror a lot of my old thoughts and feelings about SL (and some that I still have). Could you ask his permission to reproduce it here for us to read?


I might ask him, but in the meantime, you [as HW student] can probably find it on the discussion board in Vision for our module - look in the archives for September when people were having a SL whinge. :-)


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SL may be sad as an social activity environment, but that's beside the point. The question that should concern teachers and students is how good it is in terms of supporting learning.
The things I find sad are the motivation argument and the vocational one.
Saying "oh, here's a cool environment / technology / game, maybe if we use it for teaching students won't be so miserable" assumes that learning cannot be its own reward. I know you never said anything like that, but that is a prevalent rethoric.
Saying "I can't see how it will help me get a job" is the flip side of the same coin. It's students assuming that learning is a form of misery which is aimed at preparing them for a greater form of misery (work).
Perhaps we need to make a stance here: we, as teachers, have a duty of pleasure. We should be committed to enabling our students to enjoy learning and enjoy the work that they will do in the future. We also have a duty to enjoy what we do, because otherwise we have no chance with the other two.

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