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May 14, 2008


Judy Martin

Judy, do you mean 'hard physiological evidence' that is positive relating to fitness and the use of 'exergames'? I've had a quick look at Alastair's slides but am not sure what the results are. Would you mind breaking it down a little please for those of us who are mathematically/scientifically challenged?

Judy Martin

I've read some of the older posts on the same link to Alastair's slides. This one explains the study conducted and summarises the results pretty well. I get it now!


Yes, much better to read Alasdair's explanation than have me attempt to explain it. These are initial results, and we're hoping to have some student project exploring them further next term. I am interested to see how motivation interacts with fitness over time - basically if kids were using it in school as a "gym" activity, would they still remain motivated by the game?

Judy Martin

Kim P. at Belmore South Public school has been using Wii games with her class for Physical Education (P.E.) lessons for a while now. She had an interesting post about that on her blog at

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