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January 13, 2008


Nicole Cargill-Kipar

"The MSc students gazed at me in mute incomprehension as normal. Sometimes I think they must think me entirely mad"

Well, what was one of the results of the "Digital Playgrounds/Circuits of Cool"? There are no geeks anymore in the emerging generation, becaue they are all geeks, and technology has become such anorganic part, that it is invisible.

So .. enthusiastic about Second Life? Nah, that's "for old people, and it's weird". (quote from another source) ;-)

Anyway, some of the comments on Friday were fascinating, albeit not surprising. I especially liked "But I [!] am weird!" when the avatar had changed into some strange shape that didn't reflect the user.

I should really go and check out that fancy virtual cocktail that I got. (just tell them to get rid of those weird earphone thingies for me, please ...)

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