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December 17, 2007


Daniel Livingstone

Hi Judy,

Good write up. Saved me the bother - I was going to but now I'll just refer to this.

Couple of Sloodle points... yup, it is very possible to bore people in 3D too - as ever it will remain primarily up to tutors to make sure the tasks they ask students to do are engaging.

Having a Sloodle web-intercom on the teen grid isn't the same as having access. First, someone who *is* approved has to set up the intercom on the teen grid. Second, teens have to expressly give their permission before it will send their chat to the web. And third, it is stuck in place while the teens get to move around!

The point about giving adults access to the teen grid is an important one, and we've been very careful to run everything past the Linden Lab staff who work most closely on the teen grid. Claudia in particular has been very helpful and supportive!

(ps for some reason I think Benoit was showing the game with bikes before they had learned the track! They do stop crashing so much. Honest!!)

Ally Hebson

It was nice to have you back, and nice to be recognised! It was a pity I didn't have more time to stay and chat, untill the next time Judy!

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