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Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Judy Martin

Congratulations Judy and Cathrin! Excellent and exciting news. Are you sure you didn't leave a few zeros off the radius by mistake, Judy? :)

Kim Pericles

Firstly ......well done
Secondly ....... sigh!!!!!

I second Judy Martin's sentiments

V v v exciting :)



Hi Judy, well done! That's great news.

I'd love to be involved. I put NWN2 on my budget proposal list but buying from Amazon seems to be a problem as they aren't an approved supplier of the council (and we're not allowed to buy it ourselves and claim back any more).

I have the phone number for central purchasing so I'm going to try asking them directly. I'll let you know how it goes in case you have other Edinburgh teachers interested but in the same boat.

All the best,


Thanks, I'll add you to the list, Kate. :-) We have some budget for buying copies of NWN2 so it is not a deal killer.


Sorry, Aussie teachers!If only we could send our students to Australia...

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