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Monday, December 08, 2008


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Keiron, this is looking great, and it's good to know awards can also be cutomised to reflect specific achievements. With my interest in the language and storytelling side of things I would always want to give particular recognition for skilful crafting here!

As for word count, our data from the conversation analysis should give us an idea of likely length - perhaps that would be a useful starting point to think about what to expect and we could work out average counts for each age band from there. Writing in the game is quite different from writing in class, partly due to typing skills, but also due to the need to test and check which will make for a slower output than a teacher might normally expect for any one child on paper.

Some children in the Campie study wrote impressive story text into significant objects such as books and signposts to help the player - I can't remember if we have a way of counting and analysing these so they can be included?

I love the idea of the creature to represent the designer - I wonder if at each level there could be a selection from which the player chooses, a bit like selecting your favourite piece in good old fashioned Monopoly! As you improve, you access a new range of creatures, on your journey to dragon designer status.

Can't wait to see this in the flesh, as it were - a great addition to the AA toolset!

Kim Pericles

This is a wonderful addition to your other tools. Students (and teachers) love to know how they are going and the feedback will be really useful to them.
I love the idea of the monster too, and Cathrins idea of a couple of choices means that the kids can really customise their interface and have even more control over what their interface looks like.
My students sense of competition, ownership and feedback will be well satisfied with this toolset I think.
Great stuff :)

Kim Pericles

Keiron Nicholson

Thanks very much for your feedback Cathrin and Kim. I love the idea that you could choose which creature you get at each level, as that allows them to personalise it a bit more while still giving the idea of ascending ranks.

Text which is written into objects like books and signposts will be automatically included in the word count - any words typed into either a conversation, or the 'Name', 'Localized Description' and 'Localized Description (Identified)' fields of a game object are considered to be story text. This also lets them get (a little bit of) credit for bothering to name their characters and plot items properly.

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