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Thursday, July 10, 2008


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Kim P

Hello Judy
I'm with you - we need to investigate 21st century storytelling. Our students have many more opportunities and experiences with multi media - images, text, music - and seem to be able to use these with skill already.

Your case studies will be invaluable in tracking and ascertaining how kids think, choose and tell their stories digitally through games. It's through talking to the students and asking questions and watching as they work and solve problems that we might begin to understand how they do it.

The discussions with the students are amazing and open up many new paths worthy of investigation. I hope that you will continue to post here about your findings.

Btw - where can I get a copy of Kress' work to read? I googled it but can't actually "get" the actual text to read for myself.


Kim P

Woops :oops:
the last comment should be addressed to Cathrin.
Sorry about that Cathrin


Cathrin Howells

I agree wholeheartedly about needing to talk to the kids to tap in to their thinking (yet another teacher-challenge, though, as this takes time that they will worry about giving from other things) - we will need to set this up in a future project, along with some screen-capture software, I think, so we can really build a picture of what the childen are trying to do, and create a case for the slow-storytelling movement in the process!

For now, all I have to go on is the retrospective evidence we can see in their games and fridge magnets and comment cards, so I am engaged in a fair bit of detective work. It's a case of realising too late, I think, that there was so much more to be had in terms of critical visual communication, but to be fair to us, our remit is to identify the reading and writing skills that are in use and to find ways to support them, and really this has to apply to the mainstream curriculum for the most part - what I am exploring about 21st century storytelling really takes us further than that. It's very exciting, though, and I am hoping to pursue it beyond our current funding so we can find out more and help teachers develop their practice accordingly - a whole new ball game for the profession!

As for tracking down Kress's work, I wonder if the Institute of Education web site at the University of London can help - I know they have a great bookshop - or Routledge, Kress's publisher, or even good old Amazon, perhaps, especially as they do secondhand? My solution to all this is that I have signed up with my local university library, which just happens to have a big teacher education department, so for £30 a year I have access to an amazing treasure trove of texts. If you still live near to your own alma mater, you may even be able to join up for free - worth investigating. Good luck, and let us know if you spot any gems in your reading, especially if you see connections with what the kids are doing in class. And no probs about the name mix-up!

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