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Friday, May 23, 2008


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Judy Martin

How true - living in Sydney is no excuse for missing this conference!:) What would you say the benefits are for educators interested in attending this conference? (I need some great selling points if I'm to put together a convincing funding submission.)


Benefits for educators:
Educators, come to NILE and convert your best practice into *next* practice! (sorry, couldn't stop myself there)
* Meet with education and technology researchers who are involved in cutting edge research - perhaps you could work with them in the future
*Network face to face with Scottish teachers about shared interests
*Hear latest results of research studies and new theories about narrative learning
* Attend a workshop on the educational benefits of graphic novels lead by Dr Mel Gibson, and find out about recent comics projects in Scottish schools
* Meet the authors of Inside Stories - discuss your school projects with these international experts
*Attend a workshop on writing academic publications, so that you can disseminate your own work better
* Meet the Adventure Author team for tea and scones and live demos of how to use the software
*Hang out at the Edinburgh Festival (sorry, not relevant for funding applications. :-) )

Judy Martin

Thanks for the tips. I'm submitting my funding application and proposal early next week. Fingers crossed! Tea and scones with the Adventure Author team...too good to pass up. :)

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