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Sunday, May 04, 2008


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Judy Robertson

It sounds like we made the right decision to give the class more time to deepen their ideas, rather than teaching them something new. It also sounds like this class have got further than the others we have worked with in terms of storytelling, which is exciting. Maybe we have got to the point where we can realise the potential of the software instead of just speculating about it. :-)

Cathrin Howells

I think the work we have done to simplify the NWN2 interface, develop the Conversation Writer and add in the Ideas Fridge Magnets have all contributed to the success this time round, plus Tessa's wider fantasy project which has given the children a secure understanding of the genre - as well as firing their enthusiasm for all things pink and elvish (see Campie Blog!). The CW in particular is a powerful resource and I think the way we have put it together has actually helped the children think about their story ideas, indeed has triggered ideas, as well as simplifying the writing process enoromously. Also, the demos seem to have been more productive because the children haven't been bogged down in technicalities (and crashes) and have been able to cut straight to the creative chase. It's all very encouraging, especially when we stop to count up how many hours of keyboard contact time these children have actually had.

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