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Friday, March 28, 2008


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Judy Martin

I haven't got any story ideas to post yet but I was thinking how cool would it be if the random lucky dip relating to the character magnet, could come from the character him/herself to the author? So you could have the character questioning or prompting the author on the progression of his/her feelings, mood, motives, limitations, inner/outer conflicts etc. to aid in the development of the character arc and ultimately take the dialogue and the plot further.

Cathrin Howells

This is a lovely idea, Judy, and very much in keeping with the spirit of Adventure Author. I like the idea of prompts, too - they jog the thinking without being too suggestive, so creativity is not compromised.


That's a cool idea, Judy. I'm not sure it fits with the lucky dip feature, but we've talked about making a Character Creator that would encourage a more storytelling-based approach to making game creatures, and I like the idea of the character challenging the creator to define them more fully!

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