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July 25, 2011



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TG McEwan

Hi Judy
great presentation today and lots of interesting thoughts. I found it surprisingly hard to find data on average starting age for boys and girls at Scottish primaries, though I did find this http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/spl/aberdeen/the-boys-left-playing-catch-up-starting-at-five-may-be-too-early-four-certainly-is-children-are-losing-out-news-focus-going-to-school-at-a-younger-age-could-be-causing-problems-later-on-write-andrew-denholm-and-elyas-hussain-1.22533?25187 which seems to be based on Alan MacLean's 2003 book, and points out both gender differences but also age differences (as you'd expect) and then suggests that this imbalance causes problems down the line.

Secondly I have an MSc student who has put a questionnaire to 116 5/6th years at a nearby high attaining secondary school, trying to identify reasons why girls don't want to study or work in computing. Some interesting data back - there is hard core who simply don't want to hear anything about computing, and none have heard of some of the in-demand job roles, like user experience. It would be good if she could have a conversation with you about her findings

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