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January 28, 2011



and some more ideas :)

-[idiot's row] public shame (probably not allowed in UK) .. list publicly those who didn't show up, or paint their foreheads once you see them. Also: send the online postcards, they will get SPAM emails for the rest of their life.

+[bribery] hand out sweets, points for attendance (1 % mark per lecture?) or tell jokes that are funny only for 45 minutes and then self-destruct

-[corporal punishment] subtract points from final score (-1% per missed lecture) or poison the whole class at the beginning and hand our a weekly antidote during the lecture (mmm.. or drug addiction? probably not legal in UK neither)

+[apple pie in the window] send nagging email BEFORE the class instead of after. (my favorite) and tell them shortly what exciting thing they will do this week.

From my experience as an once-undergrad I remember that decision whether to attend a lecture, or have a pint-and-guitar-hero session is taken on a LECTURE BY LECTURE BASIS, EVERY HOUR :) :( :) :(

.. so if they get a smell of what is waiting for them they will definitely come to class :) al least those who figured out how super exciting HCI is :D


Genius! I'm going with the poison for now...

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