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June 08, 2008


Ewan McIntosh

Where can we buy it and when? It's not on Lulu yet is it?

Mercè Gamell

Judy, congrats for this book and your decision of using Lulu.com, I completely agree with your explanations and I'm looking forward to reading "Inside stories" as soon as it becomes available. Greetings from Barcelona. Mercè


You'll be able to buy it online from Aug 5th from Lulu or Amazon. It's not there yet, though. Hello over there in Barcelona! :-)

Nicole Cargill-Kipar

THUMBS UP! For using Lulu. I do, too, and the empowerment has been great. Stick your nose up in the air towards anyone who disses going this way instead of "a proper publisher" (I know you do that anyway) I have seen some fine quality coming from Lulu and I predict great things. Of course, the dross will always be there as well, but it's the same with any blogs, wikis, websites, and so on. Quality will always stand out, will always be noticed, and will sustain.

Oh, and of course a major congrats for having finished, but then I've already said that. :-)

Last but not least, writing natural dialogue is indeed the easiest peasiest thing and the most enjoyable one - I shall snort with you.

Tim Chante

Hi, I would love to be at your conference on the 7th, but being at the other end of the country (Suffolk) makes it a bit of an expensive trip (unless anyone who reads this could put me up for the Wednesday night? - if so, pls see email at the bottom), but I'm very interested in what you are doing and so will get the book when it comes out.

I work in schools as a childrens advocate and use stories in that context. But I also have a background of working with children and adults struggling with literacy (plus my sister runs a dyslexia centre), so I think we will both find this useful. It may be a book we can pass onto others.

Lastly, do you think you will be doing anything down this end of the country?

Email: timothychante @ hotmail . com (ignore the gaps, they are to stop it getting picked up by spam email readers)


Thanks for the comment, Timothy. It's nice to know you're interested in the book. One of the co-authors is based in London so we may do something south of the border. At the moment I am finding it hard to look beyond the conference! :-)

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