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April 03, 2008


Nicole Cargill-Kipar

Fascinating! I have read a bit about it, but more informally. I know my colleague has added an element of this in a module on assessment - but I don't think the learner generated LOs were actually used as LOs.

You were right, this is very much up my street and fits perfectly. Especially since I teach academic staff - so what better way to continue challenging yet another step up and to get in at the root. I like cranking the heat up. ;-)

Julian Newman

Judy says "If you work in primary school education or further education, or informal education you might be thinking "big deal - we do this stuff already". If, like me, you work in a more formal institution like a university you might be thinking "is she mad? ..."

But it seems to me that Learner-Generated Contexts are actually what universities are about, and indeed are what used to distinguish universities from schools. I find it really sad that the bureaucratisation of higher education has now gone so far that Judy takes that bureaucracy as the essence of a university, rather than a recent unwelcome invasion - the academic equivalent of Japanese Knotweed. I remember that during the MANTCHI project, it was the old university members who were really worried that they might be departing from the tramlines agreed through the course validation process, whereas the new universities, who had experienced CNAA and knew you just had to work around that kind of thing and take all the documentation with a pinch of salt, were to some extent inoculated against the bureaucratic virus.


Obviously I am a victim of my youth here.:-) I agree at their best unis can be learner generated contexts. Certainly they are at PhD level and sometimes MSc and Honours project level. But even as a student I don't recall having a say in what I learned or being encouraged to have a say in how learning happens in class. I recall very few other methods apart from being lectured at. Were there really good old days before I came to university?

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